What is Real Science-4-Kids?

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Truth matters. The best way to get to the truth is to allow a serious and open contest of ideas.


John Stuart Mills 1859




People call our office asking if Real Science-4-Kids is a Creationist curriculum, an Evolution curriculum, or an Intelligent Design curriculum.

The short answer is “No- it’s not any one of these although, it is ‘friendly’ to all three.”

The answer often confuses people because the assumption is that one of these perspectives is “true” and the others are “false. ” It is assumed that science (and a science curriculum publisher), must pick one. Yet nature and the science we use to study nature is complex and layered. One perspective simply won’t do.

In order for science to be “scientific” it must not commit itself to any one worldview, ideology, philosophical or religious perspective. Science and scientists must be free to follow the evidence where ever it leads. Anything short of this is not real science.

Real Science-4-Kids is…

“worldview-neutral” and “worldview-friendly.”

Real Science-4-Kids does not choose a particular ideology, philosophy, worldview, or religion for the student. Students learn how to explore scientific facts “as we know them today” and are encouraged to interpret those facts from their own viewpoint or, preferably, a variety of viewpoints.

  • Because Real Science -4-Kids does not come from one particular viewpoint it is “worldview-neutral.”
  • Because Real Science-4-Kids does not limit the kind of framework a student can choose to interpret science, it is “worldview-friendly.”

Scientific data can be interpreted from a creationist frame, a materialsist frame, or a design frame. All three frames give us some information when it comes to understanding the world around us. Conflicts erupt because the conclusions one derives depends upon the frame used. Yet, these conflicts only enrich our understanding of the world around us, rather than diminish it.  Real Science-4-Kids encourages students  to interpret science through a variety of frames which deepens their understanding.

Real Science-4-Kids focuses on real science

Real Science-4-Kids introduces students to the foundational subjects that encompass all science; chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, and geology. Students learn about atoms, energy, molecules, molecular reactions, forces, photosynthesis, the Calvin Cycle, hybrid orbitals, nebulae, minerals and all the “stuff” of real science. Real Science-4-Kids presents the “facts- as we know them today” and helps students understand that as more science is discovered “facts” can sometimes change. Dr. Keller, having been in all three camps, is very careful about how she chooses the language for science. She, and her other authors, make sure that terms are either neutral or balanced (e.g. creatures, living things, and organisms are used interchangeably).

Evaluate for yourself

The best way to judge a curriculum is to look at it for yourself. Peruse our website and visit the the product page. On the product page, and below each subject you will see a link that says SEE EACH FULL TEXT. Click this link and you can see every page in each book. This way, you can make an informed decision about whether or not Real Science-4-Kids is right for you and your family.

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9 thoughts on “What is Real Science-4-Kids?

  1. anne

    Wow! You have a science curriculum and you won’t commit to evolution?!
    You just talked me out of buying your books!

  2. rwkeller Post author

    Let me be clear about what I won’t “commit” to. I am not interested in turning evolution into a belief system. It’s true that I don’t want kids to “believe” in evolution. I want kids to know enough chemistry and physics to find the data for evolution convincing or not convincing. This keeps evolution as a science and does not conflate it with a belief system (aka religion).

    Science must remain absolutely iconoclastic. The RS4K books will discuss evolutionary theory as a scientific theory and will show both the data that support evolution (e.g. bacteria can evolve via natural selection and random mutation to utilize nylon as a food source) and the data that do not support Evolution (e.g.removing the selective pressure, bacteria will revert back to their “normal” food source (not using nylon), even possibly losing the “new genetic” information the selective pressure created; indicating no “net” evolutionary change; a result that does not support the macro-Evolutionary theory that (with enough time) bacteria can turn into elephants).

    So, if you want a science book that treats evolutionary theory as something kids “must believe” then the RS4K books are not for you and you shouldn’t buy them.

  3. Adrienne

    Excellent response to handling the theory of evolution! Well put Dr. Keller, keeping science pure in a curriculum definitely motivates me to purchase your books!

  4. Crystal

    was referred to this curriculum by a friend. I am looking for something for next year for my 3rd grader. Want something very hands on and FUN.

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