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Online Science Classes

Online Class Registration is open for the fall semester 2012

Online Classes (more)

Online Subject Classes Fall 2012 Instructor Start Date/Time Price
Elementary [Pre-Level I age 6 and up]
Chemistry Mrs. Wood Sept 10/ 11:00 am MST $227 Buy
Biology Mrs. Wood Sept 10/ 1:00 pm MST $227 Buy
Physics Mrs. Wood Sept 11/ 11:00 am MST $227 Buy
Astronomy Mrs. Wood Sept 11/ 1:00 pm MST $227 Buy
Middle-school [Level I age 10 and up]
Chemistry Dr. Rodriguez Sept 10/ 5:00 pm MST $227 Buy
Biology Dr. Rodriguez Sept 11/ 4:00 pm MST $227 Buy
Physics Dr. Rodriguez Sept 12/ 4:00 pm MST $227 Buy
Astronomy Dr. Rodriguez Sept 13/ 4:00 pm MST $227 Buy
High school [age 12 and up]
Chemistry (1st semester course) Dr. Rodriguez Sept 10/ 4:00 pm MST $297 Buy

*The course fee covers our teacher’s compensation and we cannot give additional discounts.

****All classes run for 11 weeks.

REFUNDS: DROPPING/WITHDRAWAL FROM REGISTERED CLASS(ES) (no refunds after the 4th week of Semester)

  • Dropping a class before the first day of class: forfeit the $25 registration fee plus 5% of total paid
  • Dropping a class during the first 5 weeks of class: forfeit the $25 registration fee plus 20% per week of total paid (ex: during week #1 = 20%, during week #2 = 40%, during week #3 = 60%, during week #4 = 80%, beginning of week #5 fand forward= no refund)

From our Mailbox

I liked the idea of being able to be at home during class.  I really appreciated having access to the class recording after the fact.  This helped when we were doing experiments because we could listen to the experiment and pause the recording when needed. From one of our students


About our classes

(view a sample Level I Chemistry class)

Class lectures are held weekly with an optional Question and Response session at the end of each week.

Need a highly qualified instructor for high school? Our high school classes are taught by Dr. Rebecca Keller or Dr. Don Calbreath (see below).

Both parents and students have access to all the course materials and grades.

Classes are instructor directed and yet students learn how to study independently and think critically.

Our online lectures allow students to interact with their instructors, ask questions via chat or audio, and use writing tools to answer questions.

You decide how much is required of your student. If you want your child to receive a grade, they must take the quizzes.

See screen shots below:

How does it all work?

Step 1- Immediately after you purchase your online class you will get an invoice from us confirming your order. On this invoice you will also get the links to the information for the course.

Step 2- You will also get instructions for how to login to your class on Quia.

Quia provides a virtual classroom and allows our teachers to create quizzes and educational activities. When your student signs up for an online class, your instructor will send out class information for Quia.

If you want your child to take quizzes and use the Quia activities you must sign in for a FREE Quia account.

Step 3- You will also recieve an email that contains your WizIQ login information. On the first day of class 10-15 minutes before class begins, click the link in this email, follow the instructions, and you will be connected to the live webinar lecture. During this lecture your instructor will give you additional information for the course.

…and that’s it!

What to expect

Every week one of our teachers will schedule a class time where students “attend” the lecture. The instructor will present material for that week and will be available for questions.

During the week students work on the homework or assigned project. Once a chapter is completed, students take an online exam. The exams are automatically scored and grades recorded.

Try one of our online quizzes.

If you would like to be on our mailing list for our Spring 2013 classes, fill out the Online Classes form in the sidebar.

Meet our teachers


Dr. Sedelia Rodriguez


Dr. Rodriguez earned her Bachelors degree in Geology in Los Angeles, California. Following her graduation, she briefly taught as a substitute teacher, teaching K through 12 and special education classes. She then worked for private industry as a staff Geologist with an environmental consulting firm, where she headed groundwater monitoring. Dr. Rodriguez worked with local and state regulatory agencies and the Environmental Protection Agency on many projects. Later, she resumed her education by moving to Miami, Florida, to pursue a Ph.D. in Geology at Florida International University. Dr. Rodriguez completed her Ph.D. in 2006. That same year, she was offered a position as a Post Doctoral Research Scientist at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University in New York, where she worked for the next three years. Dr. Rodriguez studied and conducted research focused on the geology of the planet Mars.

Dr. Rodriguez is an Igneous Petrologist and Geochemist, who is passionate about volcanoes. Dr. Rodriguez travels to different volcanoes around the world as her favorite activity. She not only enjoys the geology offered by these fascinating structures, but also enjoys learning about the cultures that surround them. In addition to teaching at the grade school level, Dr. Rodriguez has been a College Professor, teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses. Dr. Rodriguez strongly encourages open communication with her students, and thoroughly enjoys teaching and interacting with her students.

Mrs. Karen Wood

Karen Wood, received her B.A. from California State University, Chico, in Liberal Studies and a Minor degree in Child Development in 1982. Karen began her teaching career in Zuni, NM, at St. Anthony’s Indian Mission School teaching 5th grade. Karen is a 25 year veteran teacher of preschool – middle school students in public and private schools. Karen currently owns and opperates Intelligent By Design Science Enrichment Education (IBD-SEE) where she tutors and offers science classes to home schooled students. She loves using the Real Science-4-Kids curriculum for her most popular classes.