Focus On Elementary Biology

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Focus On Elementary Biology (previously Pre-Level I) is geared towards grades K-4. Students begin to learn the ABCs of biology ; cells, types of cells, types of life, and interactions of life.


Young kids are fascinated by nature and all things living.

They want to know

  • How an ant carries his food
  • Where a worm lives
  • How plants eat

Real Science-4-Kids Elementary Biology gives kids an introduction to the essential elements in biology. Learning real terms and concepts, Elementary Biology students start to put their questions into a useful framework for understanding science.



Students learn about

  • cells
  • photosynthesis
  • plant growth
  • protozoa
  • butterflies
  • frogs




Each chapter also comes with an accompanying laboratory experiment. This is where kids get to really learn real science. The Elementary Biology experiments help kids learn the first step of the scientific method – making good observations. With the Real Science-4-Kids biology experiments kids get to explore the world of biology. Note: you need both the teacher’s manual and laboratory workbook to do the experiments.

You will need

  • Student text
  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Laboratory Workbook

The Elementary Biology (Pre-Level I) set (text book, teacher’s manual, and workbook) will cover one

semester or 12-16 weeks of instruction.


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5 thoughts on “Focus On Elementary Biology

  1. Glenyss Carney

    Hi! I have a question. It seems that each of these K-4 courses are 12 weeks long. Am I understanding correctly, that for K-4 only a semester of material for chemistry, for biology, for etc, is available?
    Thanks, Glenyss

  2. Julie

    Thank you for providing the lesson plans! I wish there were a more printer friendly version. There’s a lot of colored ink used!

  3. Alycia Harrison

    What is the difference between the old title (Biology Pre-level 1) and the new? Can I use the new student bks with the old textbook?

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